TRials Supported By Smart Networks Beyond 5G

TrialsNet – TRials supported by Smart Networks beyond 5G: european project financed from the European Union’s Horizon-JU-SNS-2022 Research and Innovation Programme

TrialsNet project opened on January 2022 and will have a duration of 36 months, developed by an international partnership of 23 subjects, led by Ericsson Italy and with partners City of Turin with Turin Museum Foundation and Piemonte Innova.

Candidature e finanziamenti

TrialsNet allocates in total €5.580.900 to provide financial support to the selected applicants. Maximum amount of financial support for each application is €300.000.

TrialsNet first call open

the first call will close on 19th of January 2024.

Read more here: TrialsNet – Open Call

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Trialsnet project to promote the experimentation of use cases for the use of the 6G network, demonstrating the potential for interconnection between the physical, digital and human world with connectivity and application services with additional performance compared to current 5G platforms and new scenarios for large-scale IoT applications.

Trialsnet will involve actors to carry out experiments through diverse and heterogeneous vertical use cases in key sectoral areas: Infrastructure, Transport, and security; eHealth & Emergency; Culture, Tourism and entertainment.

The City of Turin, in collaboration with the Turin Museum Foundation and thePiemonte Innova Foundation, will carry out 3 application cases.

Delivering innovation in key sectoral areas, through applications beyond 5g

The City of Turin in collaboration with Turin Museum Foundation and Piemonte Innova Foundation will carry out 3 application cases.

  1. “Distributed Enhanced Tourist Experiences”, which will pool innovative content produced in recent years in various European and local projects and allow citizens/users to access it on a single application on a distributed route in the city.
  2. “Parks in Metaverse” will demonstrate the potential of 5G/6G technologies for the valorization of historical sites, improving the visitor experience.
  3.  “Control Room in Metaverse”, solutions to allow for the remote monitoring of specific city areas to enable preventive safety and security analyses and will ensure the creation of training modules within a simulated VR scenario.