July 20th – IoT, Big Data and Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

July 20, 2022, h 9:30-11:00 am CEST

Working groups to talk about challenges and solutions for manufacturing SMES

Following the research carried out on the innovation needs of manufacturing SMEs in the field of Industry 5.0, Fondazione Piemonte Innova is organising three online round tables with Piedmontese and European companies operating in machinery and equipment manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, mechanics and heavy machinery, food manufacturing and textile manufacturing.

The aim is to discuss the real benefits that cybersecurity, IoT and Big Data technologies can bring to companies, starting from the real needs that have been expressed by SMEs within the ReSTART SMEs project across Europe, and to illustrate the interesting opportunities that lie ahead in the immediate future.


9:30 – Introduction to the ReStartSMEs project

Silvana Sanfeliu Giaimo, Fondazione Piemonte Innova

9:45 – Keynote speakers

  • Industrial IoT: Jeroen Hoebeke, Ghent University
  • Big Data: Tom Goethals, UGent – Imec

10:15 – Group work

3 groups to discuss challenges from manufacturing SMEs that can be addressed by the implementation of Cybersecurity, IoT and Big Data solutions.

10:55 – Conclusions and next steps

How to participate

Participation is free of charge and reserved for manufacturing SMEs.

Registration on Zoom is required to access the online meeting:


The event is organised by Fondazione Piemonte Innova, as member of the European project reSTART SMEs and within the Enterprise Europe Network, the largest European network that helps SMEs to innovate and internationalise.