Building Relations to go International for Data-Driven Growing Enterprises (start-ups and SMEs)

The project aims to define an internationalization strategy for European startups and SMEs in the deep-tech sector (artificial intelligence and blockchain). Bridge builds relationships, activates collaborations and finds the most suitable support to allow companies to approach markets outside Europe. Read the project profile on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

The project is co-funded by the COSME program of the European Union.

Fondazione Piemonte Innova (Italy) – Coordinator

bwcon – Baden-Württemberg: Connected (Germany)

APTE-ELINCLUS – Association for Promoting Electronics Technology representing Electronics Innovation Cluster (Romania)

ICT Cluster – Foundation Cluster Information and Communication Technologies (Bulgaria)

The purpose of BRIDGE is to define an internationalization strategy based on a shared European vision, through the following actions:

  • Build and consolidate a strategic partnership between European clusters that will be recognized internationally as a hub of excellence on data-driven technologies
  • Promote the exchange of ideas, technologies and innovation for a collaboration between startups and SMEs of the Clusters that helps them to approach new markets outside Europe
  • Develop an international strategy to approach new third countries selected for their market potential, capital opportunities, knowledge and expertise in the data-driven sector (focused on AI and blockchain applications). The internationalization strategy will be designed in collaboration with businesses using participatory methods.

Piemonte Innova is coordinator of the project, with activities to be carried out on all planned actions.