Quality and morality

We put transparency, ethics and training first

Transparency and merit

The Foundation implements transparent policies in the management of purchasing, reporting and personnel selection. Principles and criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, fairness, free competition, non-discrimination and equal treatment are observed when choosing suppliers.
Employees are valued on the basis of skills and are also remunerated through a variable component (MBO), which measures both the overall performance of the Foundation and the specific projects (assigned to the various staff members).

Professional development and training

Great importance is attached to professional development and training, aimed at the professional growth of individuals and the creation of value for the organisation. Each year, initiatives are planned to increase professional skills and capabilities.

Code of Ethics

Since 2011, the Foundation has published a code of ethics, which is binding for its stakeholders. It is a document that clarifies certain principles of conduct to be observed in relations with customers and clients, suppliers and the public administration. Among the most qualifying aspects of the code – as far as employees and collaborators are concerned – is the explicit invitation to maintain confidentiality on information, documents, studies, initiatives, projects, contracts, plans, with particular reference to those that may compromise the image or interests of the network companies and the stakeholders in the various activities.
We also point out the ban on accepting gifts or favours and the caution in carrying out other assignments that may lead to positions of undue advantage or conflict of interest.